Compost Liners

For our fall fundraiser, WAVE is selling compost bin liners made of recycled newspaper. You can buy ten for one dollar. Please contact Alanna Riordan ( or Kelsey Saunderson ( for information. All proceeds from the sales go to the WAVE program.

New Photos!

Interested in seeing what we’ve been up to at WAVE? Check out pictures from recent activities at program here.


WAVE – Work and Volunteer Experience


Mission Statement:  To raise awareness and realize the potential of adults with autism in the workplace

WAVE (Work and Volunteer Experience) is a program for adults with autism. Founded by Dovercourt Recreation Association (DRA) and funded by Unity for Autism, WAVE staff  endeavour to find work and volunteer placements for adults with autism in the Ottawa area, and support them in work placements with the help of job coaches.  The goal of the program in part, is for placements to lead to part time paid employment. The WAVE program also aims to raise awareness of the potential of adults with autism; deliver a successful project that leads to further funding and opportunities to extend the WAVE project; and raise awareness of Unity of Autism, WAVE and DRA and their work to support adults with autism.  WAVE was founded in April 2013.   DRA has already hired four WAVE apprentices in positions with their child care centre, and to work in maintenance and marketing. Around the city, WAVE apprentices are working and volunteering in positions of interest, both with and without direct job coach support.


A Letter to Unity for Autism

It has been 2 years since I wrote my first letter of thanks to Unity for Autism.   This letter is to let you know that our dream of a work and volunteer experience program for adults with autism did come true and continues to grow thanks to the continued support of Unity for Autism. Read More


Dovercourt – “A Community Working For the Community, Une communauté qui travaille pour la communauté”

dcat-with-wave-logoDRA’s mission is to enrich the lives of people in their community.  Without the commitment, energy and inspirational thinking of the people of Dovercourt Recreation Association, WAVE would not be in existence today.  Staff of the DRA demonstrate every day, their motto of “A community working for the community.”