Hello, it’s Graham again

Today was the last day of WAVE classes for the Wednesday group. My day at WAVE with my group began with our usualĀ  walk to Mckellar Park. While there, we worked on constructing cover letters to go with our resumes. After that, we did some job and volunteer searching. My half of the job and volunteer searching involved applying for a job at Shopper’s Drug Mart. After returning to Dovercourt, we reviewed audio clips of each of our job interviews from last week, offering each other commentary on how we behaved during it (i.e. our tone of voice and our confidence). After that, seeing as it was the last day of WAVE, we ended it off by playing two group-oriented games outside of the building – Charades and “Sell This Rock”, the latter of which involved pairing in groups of two (acting as the seller and customer respectively), discussing the selling points of the titular rock.

This has been another great year at WAVE. I look forward to returning in the fall, and attending the end-of-the-year barbeque tomorrow afternoon!

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