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Welcome to WAVE’s 30 day challenges!! Each month our WAVE apprentices set goals for themselves; SMART goals that they can work on throughout the month that will help them towards gaining meaningful employment or another long term goal that they might have such as bus riding independence, or the ability to prepare their own meals. This time we are asking them to do something a little different. We are still going to be setting our monthly goals but we have also asked them to choose a 30 day challenge. Something far away from the realm of work and focusing on something that they enjoy or something they, well, want to challenge themselves with.


The reason we are doing this in a work and volunteer experience program is that there are a TON of transferable skills that come into play when doing these challenges: discipline, dedication, how to stay motivated when you just want to quit, not meeting goals, dealing with disappointment, adapting, believing in yourself, accountability for behaviours and actions and success in various forms to name just a few. We have your typical fitness challenges, a photography challenge, a job application challenge, a cooking challenge and some self-esteem and happiness challenges. We are going to be receiving updates from the apprentices which we will share with all of you.


Do we think these challenges are going to be life changing? No. Do we think that everyone will succeed? Unfortunately not. But what we are looking at is teaching that small sustainable changes make huge differences. Please join us in the next 30 days to make small changes, just to see if you can.


Challenge Participants

Alex M – Overcoming Obstacles Challenge
Kane M – Cooking Challenge
Andrew U – Self-Improvement Challenge
Graham H – Photography Challenge
Max O – Fitness Challenge
Ashley L – Job Application a Day Challenge
Brendan I – Sit Up Challenge
Emma S – Self-Esteem Challenge
Matthew M – Plank Challenge


And it really wouldn’t be fair to ask the apprentices to do this and not hold the staff accountable too! I (Alanna) am personally going to spread some kindness. I will be making an effort each day to do at least one random act of kindness.


Kelsey Saunderson – 5 Minutes of Meditation Challenge
Kelsey Dakers – Running Challenge
Colleen Brennan – Bed Time Challenge
Emma Lamb – Fitness Challenge
Drew Darling – Squat Challenge


So join us on these next 30 days and we will be giving you updates on the apprentices progress, feelings and reactions throughout!



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