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For WAVE’s 30-Day challenge, I (Emma) am focusing on my self-esteem. I have been given a list of 30 questions, each one designed to get me thinking about myself more positively, and I will answer one per day. Once per week, I will review my progress in the challenge and how it made me feel. The end goal of this challenge is to break old habits of negativity and self-criticism, remind myself of all the things I like about myself (the aspects of myself I tend to ignore or neglect), and boost my self-image.


I will admit, while I’m looking forward to positivity, I’m also nervous about taking on such a challenge. I often worry I’ll miss a day, or burn out when I take on regular challenges. It isn’t easy having to adjust my pace, which is normally to work when inspiration strikes. I’m worried I’ll come down with a chronic case of writer’s block every time I try to answer the question of the day.


However, by overcoming these misgivings and completing the questions, I will feel a sense of accomplishment, which will contribute to the boost in self-image already given by the questions themselves. Writing is a skill of mine, yet it hardly gets a chance to be exercised, because of my low self-esteem and fear of failure. This is why it’s important to me that I carry out a self-esteem challenge through writing. Completing this 30-day challenge with a skill so intimately tied to my self-esteem will give my confidence a massive boost.


Hopefully this will be the first step to permanently shifting my self-image to a more positive place. My lack of confidence is holding me back in so many areas of life, including the ones most important to me. Confidence is what I need to succeed.


— Emma


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