It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!! Week 2 of the #30daychallenge is complete for many of our apprentices and we are starting to get some fun feedback in which we can share with you throughout the week. Until then a little bit more about Graham!

december-6-2016Hey, my name is Graham Hackett.

I’m interested in animation, writing, photography, and music. Especially music. My favourite genres of music are Rock and Metal. My hobbies include playing bass guitar, listening to music and researching Rock/Metal/music facts and history. I also like taking walks, watching cartoons, browsing the internet, and taking photographs.

My greatest skills include writing, English, and knowledge about music history and, to an extent, music production. I am great with Rock/Metal trivia!

Overall, I am honest, knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to learn anything I can. I have had previous volunteer experience working as a packager and alphabetizer at different record stores, as well as taking volunteer positions at certain city-sponsored events (i.e. the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, Ottawa CityFolk, etc.)

My dream job would be to work somewhere in the music industry; either as a producer, a session musician, a historian, or even in music retail.

Graham has been quite busy the last week taking some absolutely stunning photos. This week he really seemed to find his groove and took a lot of time to frame photos in a way that showed his skills and abilities.

1) December 5th, 2016: My friend Edward King posing in front of a snow-covered pine


2) December 6. 2016  Christmas lights in the form of Santa riding a motorcycle, at Wesley Clover Gift of Light, a drive-by light show.


3)December 7, 2016: My two favourite music magazines, both of which are from the UK. Left: Classic Rock, Right: Metal Hammer


4) December 8, 2016: A Christmas tree decorated with Bagels next to The Bagel Shop in Westboro


December 8, 2016 Continued: A decorate bird perched in a tree in Westboro


5) December 9, 2016: Kevin’s cat named Buster


6) December 10, 2016: A candy cane decked out with antlers and a face against a Christmas tree


7) December 11, 2016: A |Medusa Mask” on display




I have my favorites but I would like to hear which one is yours — comment below and let us know!


-Alanna Riordan


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