I find this statement to be quite false. As a young man on the Autism spectrum myself, I have witnessed a great deal of other such people who have fresh, unique, and in many cases wonderfully quirky senses of humour; these different breeds of humour may be influenced from a favorite comedian, show, or even band that they love. Many people on the Autism spectrum pick up very particular hobbies and interests that they care about and may know more about than the average person, and tend to focus on them with much intensity. Also humour can just stem from their own unique perspective on life and their personal experiences. When you think about it this way, this is no different from your average famous “neurotypical” comedian or humourist. While it may fly over some people’s heads, it’s a fact that sense of humour may vary from person to person. There is always a chance that there are people of their ilk that will share that view, prospect, or humour in general. That doesn’t even mean they have to be Autistic to understand each other!

    • Graham Hackett