Kyle Wagner-Dixson works at a dog groomers and has Asperger’s. He used to work at his parents landscaping business and has always been a problem solver. After he went to college he adopted a dog and took a grooming course online. Afterwards he decided that working under a boss was not for him. Kyle then decided to get a loan and started up his own dog grooming business. However because of his disability he has a tough time talking to customers, but some are willing to accept him and try to be respectful to him. I feel like he is like me. I can do my work on my own for the most part and I received help from the people around me when I don’t understand something. However I don’t get along with dogs that much so I would not like to do his job. But my mom is good with the dog and I feel like she would be a good customer. I feel good that someone like me has found a career that he enjoys and that he is able to run a business and have it be an important part of the lives of so many people.

    • Brendan Ireland