The story I found is about a Canadian-born woman named Eileen Parker who now lives in Minnesota. She wasn’t diagnosed with autism until she was 40. She started taking occupational therapy, which was when she realized that the feeling of being covered by a weighted blanket was very comforting for people with autism. When she tried to buy one for herself, she learned that most weighted blankets are homemade. This gave her the idea to make her own business: manufacturing and selling weighted blankets for customers. Eventually she patented Cozy Calm, an online business that also sells to hospitals and medical supplies stores. Within a few years her company became quite successful, and grew considerably. Eileen claims that it can be challenging as a person with autism to run a business, but people have been very supportive and helpful in her endeavor. There is a large number of entrepreneurs with autism. It’s not impossible, it’s just about finding something that works and doing it well.

Kane McGreevy