Frequently Asked Questions

Some days we work, some days we play!!


Often in our social media we use the hashtag #morethanjustajobprogram which is 100% true about our program. That leads to the question: What is WAVE?

Well, WAVE stands for Work and Volunteer Experience. At the core, WAVE was created to assist adults with autism obtain work and volunteer experience so they were able to obtain a job. Since we started in 2013, this mission has changed a little bit.  You are able to check our F.A.Q page (link on our website for a little more detail on some of the finer points of the program, but we thought, “What better way to hear about the program then to ask the people who are part of it!”


Andrew U

1. I’m sure the program is social and we go out on adventures like the library and shopping malls.

2.  We do social activities often like looking for jobs and handing out applications.

3. If I don’t know what kind of job I want I can ask the WAVE staff for help.

4. I only come on Wednesday and Friday.

5. I will always work on finding a job and making good friends.


Alex M

1. What does your day look like? Well, my day is usually kept busy through searching for job and/or volunteer program opportunities, going on OC trips to Carling-wood Shopping Mall, McKellar Park on Wednesdays, etc., etc., etc. That’s usually the layout. But on Fridays, I always either go to the Ottawa University Medical Lab Centre, which I used to until at some point late last August; & now I work at SAIL in the Train Yards Section of Ottawa, Ontario, close to where I live, within Blackburn Hamlet.

2. Is it social? I feel as if I hadn’t made many new friends yet, but I’m still hard at work on it (but not far too hard!!). Yes, there are a plenty social events outside of W.A.V.E., like going to the movie theatre that I’ve accomplished in January of 2016; Fun Haven, as of which I’m still deciding whether to go to this upcoming Friday, depending on the weather/road conditions + traffic situation – AT NIGHT!! But, I’m sure it will turn out perfectly fine (at the last minute, as usual!).

3. What if I don’t know what job variety that I want? If I can’t know the type of job I want in life, then by all means I shall eventually come up with the perfect job idea out there! I’ll consider to permit help from family, friends, safe job websites, etc. I could also try out a different variety of job out there that will in every way suit my potential.

4. Do I have to go 5 days a week? I chose to go just 3 days every week unless I am alerted otherwise, so I could take a breather and work out at the gym on Orleans Rd., until as of late near the end of 2016. I need my work out on specific Tuesdays, Thursdays, etc.

5. What are some things you work on here? Alright, let me put it in a way that makes sense: I do like this program, but it only runs for about a mere 2 years, so I get an opportunity to work on kitchen-themed food-prepared activities, crafted arts, toys in need of washing to be cleansed, cupboards that need to be fixed and straightened out (while I can), etc.


Alexander Mitchell



1. What does your day look like? My Day is just a calm normal day to find and apply to more jobs, after snack we went for a swim at the pool deck. There we take a dip inside the hot tub. I do Plant Maintenance work at 2:00 PM, I did watering the plants, cleaning the flower pots and wiping the leaves from dust and dirt. Every Tuesday I went to the library for few hours until I come home for lunchtime.

2. Is it social? I make friends with the staff of W.A.V.E. as well as my co-workers from Plant Maintenance. There are some social events I went on with the group, last Christmas we went to Upper Canada village by car to see the decorated lights in the old village.

3. What if I don’t know what job I want? I could ask WAVE staff to help me find more jobs that suits me. I can just try taking care of the neighbor’s cat as a volunteer.

4. Do I have to go five days a week? I’d go every Monday to W.A.V.E. then i get four days off to do the treadmill for 30 Minutes.

5. What are some things you work on in W.A.V.E? The Lessons I’ve learned so far is to update my resume to keep track of all the places you’ve worked and learn how to be prepared and dress for a job interview if some employer gets my resume.