Inclusion 101



Are you including children, teens or adults on the autism spectrum in your program? This video describes what autism is (and isn’t) and gives practical information about planning for successful inclusion of these bright, interesting and unique people in multiple community settings (recreation centers, schools, workplaces).


This project was funded by WAVE Ottawa* (supported by a grant from Unity for Autism). Rogers TV in Ottawa generously donated their expertise & personnel for the filming and editing (an edited version of this training video was aired earlier this year as part of their “Podium” series). The presenter is Sheila Bell, a speech-language pathologist (Ottawa, Canada) who has been working with people on the autism spectrum since 1989 (see more of her work at




Handout to go with WAVE Program – Including Individuals with Autism (WAVE Autism Inclusion pdf)


WAVE Training – Autism Inclusion 101