Information for WAVE Employers


“Join the WAVE for positive change”

We are looking for remarkable employers — organizations that will welcome adults with autism into their work place — with staff that are committed to making positive change and who are adaptable and willing to take a risk that will result in inspiration outcomes


We are all in this world together. We all have differences.  And we can all learn from each other.  Sometimes, it just takes giving someone the chance to prove themselves.


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  • helps define part time tasks within organizations that are suited to the interests and abilities of WAVE apprentices.
  • offers on-site job coaching to apprentices. Job coaches work with apprentices individually or in pairs, staying with them throughout a job, and providing support and supervision.
  • trains organizations and their staff in how to understand and support apprentices in their work environment.


Did you know for example, that people with autism are often very systematic and focused in a task they enjoy doing?  They may have a passion for detail and can have outstanding memory.


Like you, our goal is a positive and productive volunteer or work experience — for the apprentice and the employer.

Dovercourt Recreation Association has already committed to welcoming four WAVE apprentices into their organization — to work in part time placements in their childcare centre and in maintenance and marketing.


Contact us if you are interested in hiring a WAVE apprentice!