Group 1 is our final stage of the WAVE prep program. As an apprentice of Group 1 we primarily focus on job readiness skills, social skills and life skills. We touch on job readiness skills through resume building, cover letter building, mock interviews, employer/employee relationships, job application practice, what quality work means and job/ volunteer searching and much more.


We touch on social skills through working on different ways of communication, how to interact with peers, asking for help when required and learning what certain social cues may mean.


We touch on life skills through anti-anxiety workshops, self-esteem building, healthy eating, working in team environments and developing confidence. Life skills topics are determined by the apprentices themselves who are invited to share topics of interest.


Lessons are generally in a workshop style, where apprentices receive and work through worksheets with discussion and questions encouraged throughout. At times, lessons and mock interviews are run by Dovercourt staff who lend their experience to our program.


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Apprentices in this group appreciate leisure which is built into their days. Opportunities for swimming and fun outings (Funhaven, pool, or movies, etc.) are earned through demonstrating the skills in which our program focuses.


Lastly, as our “graduating” group, we also have the opportunity to experience a variety of side jobs that we work together as a group to complete. Some of our past and present jobs consist of leaf raking, snow shoveling, computer cleaning, gardening, and animation cataloguing. This group is also responsible for running bake sales.

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Group 1 apprentices work to gain enough skills from our program to land a position of employment. This is done through a focus on the apprentices preferences and the areas of need for each individual apprentice.


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