IMG_1908Group 2 works mostly on social skills, life skills and work skills.


Our apprentices have the opportunity to volunteer at the University of Ottawa’s Health Science building working as Lab Technician Support. This volunteer experience gives them the opportunity to gain and work on their work ethics, teaches them to work in a team environment and, because we take the OC Transpo bus to work, it also helps to teach them how to independently take public transportation and how to act appropriately in public.


Other volunteer experiences include, but are not limited to: toy cleaning, organizing and cleaning fitness equipment, and other various tasks around Dovercourt Recreation Centre.


When Group 2 isn’t volunteering, they are working on social skills. They work on asking questions, eye contact, body language and appropriate behaviour in public. They work on door holding, where to sit on a bus when there are strangers, how close to stand when having conversations and how to introduce themselves to new people.

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Some life skills they work on are fitness and nutrition. Every week the group is provided with swim time, they participate in Drums Alive and they go for community walks. The group works on healthy eating; they search for healthy recipes then they go to the grocery store to buy fresh ingredients then they make the meal for themselves.

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