Staff  –  Definition:


1.   “a long stick carried in the hand for support”

2.  “a group of persons, as employees, charged with carrying out the work of an establishment or executing some undertaking”


We like both definitions.






Alanna Riordan & Emily Burnett – Inclusion Program Coordinators


Emma Lamb – WAVE Program Lead


Caitlin Booth – WAVE/ALIVE Program Lead


Shauna Jackson- ALIVE Program Lead


Kelsey Saunderson – WAVE Program Lead


Karly Anderson- ALIVE Support Staff


Allie MacFarlane- ALIVE Support Staff


Ian Blagden – WAVE Support Staff & Social Media/Website Contributor




Sheila Bell, Speech Language Pathologist




WAVE Founders


        JoHn Rapp

   KathlEen Finn

          Anne Villeneuve

 Eileen Rankin

   Mike Tait

                      The Heart of WAVE



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