Apprentices are engaged in regular employment or volunteer work through the WAVE Ottawa program all over Ottawa.

Graham H– working at Legend Records
Jill G– working at Flowers by Maggie
Jessie M– volunteering at Global Pet Foods and in Kinder Corner at Dovercourt Recreation Centre
Alex V, Andrew U, Brendon T, Connor M, David T, Gabriel M, James M, Jill G, and Patrice C– sorting pipette tips at the Ottawa University Heath Sciences Centre
Curtis S– plant maintenance at Dovercourt Recreation Centre
Ken R, Gabriel M, and Jeffery D– volunteering at Boomerang Kids
Ken R, Jeffery D, Gabriel M, and Matteo I– volunteering at MacLean and Associates Inc.
Jeffery D– volunteering at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo
Ken R, Alex M– volunteering at SAIL Outdoors
Alex V– volunteering at the Adam’s Apple Café at Dovercourt Recreation Centre
Alex M, Alex V, Brendon T, Curtis S, Gabriel M,  Jeffrey D, Ken R, and Matteo I– Nakkertok Nordic Cross Country Ski Club

All other WAVE apprentices are working on developing job skills through volunteering for tasks at Dovercourt Recreation Centre and within the community (for example, apprentices participated in clean up the capital).

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