WAVE Prep Program

The WAVE Prep Program is a full day learning opportunity for adults with special needs who are interested in preparing for the work force. The program is designed to teach life and work-related skills through fun, interactive learning activities, and prepare these adults for increased independence at home, in the work place, and in the community.

The WAVE Prep Program runs out of the Dovercourt Recreation Centre’s Bluesfest School of Music and Arts (or BSOMA). We currently run 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 9:00-3:00. The schedule for each day varies with the volunteer and employment opportunities we currently have with Friday being a heavy volunteer experience day. Typically, some form of physical activity or leisure activity is also included in the day’s programming.

Individual Job Coaching

Outside of the day program WAVE does offer a fee for service Job Coaching. We will work 1:1 with an individual in a job or volunteer position. With this service individuals are able to access personalized plans for success within the unique positions. Job Coaches will assist the individual with various aspects of hiring, training, and employment. Some examples are:


  • Preparation for interviews
  • Assistance with communication during the interview
  • Assistance in understanding and completing all hiring paperwork
  • Assist with any training that needs to be done prior or throughout employment
  • Task analysis and breakdown for the apprentice and the workplace
  • Cuing and prompting skills needed to complete tasks or maintain behaviours
  • Creating and teaching resources for task completion
  • Assisting in maintaining proper social interactions while working
  • Teaching and assisting with proper communication with co-workers and supervisors
  • Providing feedback to the apprentice to increase independence within the workplace


The resources that are created will be accessible to both the apprentice and to the organization following job coaching. If support is needed in a category not listed above Job Coaches will work with the WAVE team to assist when possible.


It is the goal to fade Job Coaches out when possible. We work to increase independence and are constantly working on transition planning. As with the WAVE Program it is our goal for the apprentices to develop and maintain personal autonomy and achieve their unique level of independence.


If you have any additional questions about WAVE’s Job Coaching services please contact the Program Coordinator Caitlin Booth at cbooth@dovercourt.org.